Thursday, March 17, 2011

Election Watch 2011

Election Watch 2011!

Is the Canadian public in the mood for a Federal Election? That remains to be seen from opinion polls but I believe that there is enough evidence online to show true momentum for an election. I'm still collecting evidence but at prima facie, the mood might be ripe for an election.

First, election ads are popping up on all the parties websites and even at local MP level, check out my favourite, a creative endeavour by Omar Alghabra:

But that's not all, you can see the trends on google and twitter for interest in search terms such as "election" and hash tags on twitter "#cdnpoli". All of this may not lead directly to an election call but it certainly demonstrates some sort of critical mass forming that provide evidence of a collective political awakening in the broader Canadian public that's online.

Notice the crazy spikes in March as compared to February.. more to come, stay tuned.

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