Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Shift in the Common Understanding of Manliness

Edward Keenan wrote a fantastic article on 'dude culture' and how manliness used to mean something more than 'babes, beer and obscenity.'
"The male refusal to grow up is an accepted enough fact that it’s the basis for almost all our romantic comedies and television sitcoms and both chick-lit and the emerging field of dick-lit. And I’d suggest this is a crisis of a kind. A crisis of manliness." 
"It’s not as if men have dropped many of the old annoying characteristics of manhood. They are as competitive as ever, they are as lustful as ever, they still shun emotionalism and embrace codes and statistics and structures. It’s just that all the socially redeeming things that used to accompany those easy-to-spot external characteristics — things like a sense of honour and a feeling of responsibility to something greater than oneself, be it family or society at large — have been shrugged off like so much paternalistic baggage. To some large degree, Dude Culture has embraced all the entertainingly offensive trappings of the old idea of manliness (some of these increasingly appear to be inherent rather than socially constructed, which might explain their persistence) but has thrown out the few good qualities that came with it — the social imperatives to contribute." (Author - Edward Keenan)
 So gentlemen, embrace adulthood. To quote Russell Peters, "BE A MAN."

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