Sunday, April 5, 2009

A few bands to check out…

So I mentioned on Facebook that I would blog about some of my friend’s bands but in the interest of conserving homework time, I will make one post with links to them all. I am certainly not intimately connected to any particular scene but I happen to know some really cool guys that are making some amazing music. I always love going to friend’s shows because that’s when you really kick it up a notch and have the most fun. Here is a list of bands that you should certainly check out!

The Knockouts 

The Polymorphines


Lost Subject

And for those who like “Grindcore / Down-tempo / Death Metal”…

Decapitated Proletariat

That’s all folks… unless I have egregiously neglected a dear friend in a band that didn’t immediately come to mind. If I have forgotten you, please add your link.

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