Saturday, October 11, 2008

With a few days left....

I spoke earlier about seeing into the soul of the leader and I still maintain that we will never know until the election is over (hindsight is 20/20). But if I were to stick my neck out and make some sort of analysis, I would say that we saw into Dion during the debate and we saw into Harper both in the debate and in his interview with Peter Mansbridge that he is mostly is concerned with his image as though he was your financial advisor, not your wholistic federal government leader. The Prime Minister of Canada should have a wholistic approach to governing and should demonstrate that if he/she were Prime Minister that they would show leadership on all fronts. Consider the job of the Prime Minister - he/she is the primary advisor to the Governer General and he/she leads a group of ministers that represent the different aspects of the Canadian landscape. The Prime Minister is not the industry and finance minister, he is the minister that consults with those ministers and is the figurehead for all of them. Harper appears to favour only a selection of those portfolios and it is apparent in his platform.

So being a figurehead means something but ultimately, what really matters? The answer: Good policy. I study policy and write most of my essays on different policies and with that in mind, I will vote Liberal because they offer sound policies that have been touted by repsective experts. Conversely, my essay work has torn apart Harper's policies and it was too easy to do so. So vote based on sound policy arguments, not speculation and an unwillingness to pay for a quality future.

I hope whomever reads this goes out and votes because it counts, it feels good and be grateful that you can! Other developing nations aren't as lucky as us.

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