Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another appalling move by the conservatives, a tasteless attack on an initiative that came under the Bob Rae provincial government in Ontario. Aaron Wherry, a political blogger at Macleans wrote an interesting post about how most often pandering ends up offending. The program under scrutiny called 'Fresh Arts' which was "part of a larger initiative by the ill-fated Rae government called Jobs Youth Ontario," provided public funding for arts projects. Particularly, hip-hop.

Kardinal Offishall talked about it in an interview.

“In the aftermath of all the kids rampaging downtown following the Rodney King verdict in 93, the Bob Rae government stepped in with some funding for youth-oriented programs like Fresh Arts. That’s really how Saukrates, Jully Black, Baby Blue Soundcrew and I got our start. It gave us something useful to do."

“We were able to go to radio stations and recording studios and see how engineers and producers worked behind the scenes. Many of us had never been inside a studio before, let alone recorded a song in one. Through that program we also got to promote our own events, from making the flyers to doing radio promotion, everything. I can’t begin to put a dollar value on what I learned"

It is truly an interesting idea that I didn't even know about but it certainly appeared to have an impact.

I cannot believe that the conservatives are so tasteless with their attacks that you gotta step back and say "Are these the values and attitudes that our governing party has regarding black culture at large? Using stereotypes simply for "political pandering" Please take a look at the item posted on the Conservative website. Click Here.

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