Saturday, May 31, 2008

uOttawa strikes again

So it appears as though University of Ottawa is getting more press with regards to internet law issues. Previously, as heard on Search Engine, Michael Geist, a law professor at uOttawa had brought the issue of copyright legislation to the forefront of many internet users minds and LCD screens across Canada with his Fair Copyright for Canada website and facebook group. It seems uOttawa students are now on the scene now about facebook's privacy policies in our university's 'take no prisoners' activism for internet democracy.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Myers, The Leafs & Funny

Holy Crap Batman,
I never thought that I would see the day but the Toronto Maple Leafs are the feature of Mike Myers next movie called 'The Love Guru.' Justin Timberlake is starring as Jacques Grande, a Quebecois hockey player. WTF? I suppose Mike Myers has so much confidence from producers, he can pretty much do whatever the hell he wants and it will sell.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Not So Crappy Alternatives

I cannot stand iTunes. The program is "compatible" with Windows but it is big and bloated. Despite its flashy appearance and trendy reputation, iTunes is hardly worth the huge amount of system memory that it takes up. It seems that I have to scour the web once every two months in order to find programs that are worth installing. Thankfully, I have found a site that not only agrees but also does all the work for me. (Photo: Mozilla's Songbird)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Health Minister on Drugs.....?

I work at Bridgehead on Bank/Gilmour and we know our fair share of friendly neighbourhood crackheads. Hell, we introduced a key system to our restrooms for that very reason. I personally have met a few really nice homeless guys and gals (like the dude with the carved stick/staff or the guy who sells spoken improv poems for a $1) but we also know some really sketched out wanderers. Anyway, I am a big supporter of initiatives to help get people off the street and off hard drugs but who isn't? It appears Minister of Health Tony Clement, despite several independent reviews showing positive results, thinks progressive initiatives aren't so great. In Vancouver, a pilot project called Insite, seeks to "reduce the harm associated with injection drug use to individuals and the community." Ignoring my unscientific and non-professional opinion; there have been "22 peer-reviewed papers published on the program and they have all shown a positive benefit to users, such as reduced rates of transmission of HIV-AIDS and greater use of rehabilitation services." Problem? Apparently, its not enough for Health Minister Clement, which has led to his apparent ideologically inspired muzzling and misrepresentation of research findings. Lame.

Bitter Battles

I found this amazing article that sketches the scene of "a rhetorical smackdown" between two MPs --> Conservative Jim "The Fiery Irishman" Flaherty vs. Sauga Liberal Omar "Sqeaky" Alghabra. It was pretty funny. Until I really started following the stories that were floating around Parliament Hill, I never picked up on the small battles fought out between MPs. Question Period only a boring (but semi-intelligent) exchange about policy?... Not Always. Sometimes, you see important people like the Minister of Finance get pwn-ed. (Photo: Macleans - CP/Tom Hanson)

The Democratic Race in Seven Minutes

Fallen behind in the American Democratic nomination? Well, fear not. There is a video posted by that sums it all nicely to get you all caught up.


I'll be posting stories that I have picked up from Canadian/International new sources, other bloggers and personal experience. Enjoy.